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Or, if you prefer,you can use our GoFundMe page.

20 gives you an inside look at your favorite Christian artists and brings you closer to the music you love. Now YOU can play a big part in helping to make the life changing power of 20 The Countdown Magazine continue for years to come. Did you know that this program is provided at little & mostly at no cost to hundreds of radio stations across the country and around the world? The show is made possible each week in part by our faithful corporate sponsors. Recently, we’ve been asked how “every day” people can help keep the countdown on the air. SO…we’ve created a convenient way for you to be a part of our ministry. It’s called “20 for 20.” A simple donation of $20.00 to 20 The Countdown Magazine ,“20 for 20” will help maintain the reach of this program. A reach that includes the Armed Forces Radio Network – bringing the top Christian songs to our service men and women stationed around the world. All you have to do to help us stay on the air is to just click the donate button below. Your gift will be processed through PAYPAL, a trusted and safe financial processing center, working directly with 20 The Countdown Magazine.

For over 40 years, you have heard the voice of Jon Rivers either ministering our Savior’s truth and love surrounded by wholesome music whether counting down the Christian hits week to week on “20 The Countdown Magazine” or ministering on dozens of different radio shows and specials including the legendary “Powerline”. We are so grateful for you and your willingness to partner with us. Thankful as well for you sharing this with your friends and family. Be listening to the show as we thank many of the friends who join us in this campaign. “20 for 20”. Just 20 dollars will make a real difference in keeping “20 The Countdown Magazine” on the air.

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