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Your host is Jon Rivers

Our show is written and produced by Frank Scales Creative fscales9box-shdw

About Jon:
He was born in Memphis, Tennessee and reared in the hills of Mississippi. He claims that if ever there was a real “hillbilly” he was it! Jon Rivers started his journey in radio while still in the United States Marine Corps as a Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran. After almost two years in Vietnam finally back in the USA he was stationed near Jacksonville, Florida. Jon spun the tunes at WAPE, the “Mighty 690 The Big Ape” whose air talent included Jay Thomas of Hollywood fame and whose Program Director was the renowned Jack McCoy. He worked the overnight ” graveyard shift” for free ate WAPE to gain experience. Jon says “I have been privileged and blessed to work with and learn from some of the smartest people in entertainment”. After serving in the Marine Corps Jon went back to Memphis and WMPS to do mornings. He then moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the McLendon “Hybrid” KNUS FM, one of the most successful FM stations in the world boasting the talents of superb voice actor Beau Weaver and Coach Tommy Kramer among many other greats. He worked and learned from Bill Young  “THE Coach” at KILT Houston. With the exception of the stint at KILT and a year at CBN in Virginia Beach, Jon has made the DFW area home. Jon helped launch the original KLTY in 1985 but after an unexpected format change Jon retreated to his production studio to work on countless Christian Music Specials with the top names in Christian Music. Jon then became VP of Programming for the re launch of the legendary KLTY and served there from  early 1989 until August, 2001 when he and wife Sherry joined the KLOVE Radio Network doing mornings and music for the network. Additionally, Jon serves as the President of Christian Network Services. Jon nearly died in 2009 when while in intense treatment for pain that had existed for decades he became dependant on legally admistered, extremely powerful pain control medication. He recovered only with the help of God and he remains dedicated to helping those who still suffer from dangerous addictions that are totally misunderstood by most.

The voice of “Brother” Jon has been heard around the world for over 40 years through various outlets including the syndicated “POWERLINE” , “COUNTRY CROSSROADS, “MASTER CONTROL”, “THE BAPTIST HOUR”, “GOSPEL AMERICA”  and “TWENTY THE COUNTDOWN MAGAZINE” which still can be heard around the world on over 1000 signals. Jon has been heard on numerous TV and Radio Commercials plus Documentaries. He is a “Voice Actor” and his work can be sampled at jonrivers.com.

Jon, “his lovely bride Sherry”  and their “China Doll” daughter Lexi, whom God brought into their lives from China in 2004, live northwest of Dallas/Ft. Worth, on a ranch that includes 12 Morgan Horses, 2 burros, a llama, a dog, a cat, several chickens, a peacock, guineas, and a pair of camels. Jon and Sherry have shown their Morgan horses all around the country, from Texas to Vermont. They bred and raised the World Champion Jr. Reining Horse “River Riders Romeo”.  He was World Champion many years thereafter and Sherry has often been the World Champion in Freestyle and in Non Pro. After Jesus, Family and Broadcasting and helping others with deadly addictions and their families those beautiful creatures and the Ranch are their life.

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  1. Hello Jon, Sherry and Lexi.

    We’ve heard “20…” on a local station back in the 90’s and we were asking one another: “Who is this guy? He’s great!” We found your show on KTLY and streamed your show there (back when that technology was pretty new). Then you came to K-Love and we were pleased to listen to your show on actual radios! You all have been a real blessing to all of us and we were sad & prayed for you all when we heard of the condition that led to your having to leave K-Love. I am pleased today to hear that you’re on AFR and I’m glad that you’re still doing what blesses the Church so beautifully. I hope to find a way to be able to listen to your show again soon. You have been wonderful, encouraging company to us for many years and we all thank you for what you do. We hope your family is blessed, happy, and well.

    Gene McDougall, Olympia WA

  2. Even though I’ve listened to the Saturday morning countdown several times, this is the first time I’ve really looked at your website and I love it! Especially learning more about you and your family. It hit home when I read about what happened to you in 2009 as I’ve recently been through the same thing with prescription pain pills due to a problem with my neck and one botched surgery. I had to be weaned off the meds after the second successful (PRAISE GOD!) surgery. God is so good! Thank you for everything you do to spread the Word! God’s best to you and your family!

  3. John and Sherry you make my day every day !The two of you are the epitome of love and the love of .Christ just shines thru the two of you. God Bless you and beautiful sherry.

  4. Jon,I’m living in Haiti and I listen to this broadcast every saturday on stereo 92 betwen 8h-10h pm;I really love it and I congratulate you about this.
    This is my testimony:”Jon,I know that God blesses me through these songs because betwen november-may I had some emotional pains among what I was rejected by my best friends,but by using your work,God restores me now.Today I don’t care about what they say;And I need your prayers too.”
    May God bless you much more day by day.

  5. Jon, you and Sherry have been a blessing to our family for years. I also was a AFRTS DJ (while in the USN in the early 70’s). After the service I went to work for Stu Epperson as the morning man for a small station in Chapel Hill, NC. I have been out of the biz since about 1978.

    The first time I heard your voice on a random spot some time back – I knew I was hearing God-given talent – but in the hands of someone who knew who that talent came through. I was super Gald when K-Love came to our section of the US – (NC) and we were able to enjoy you two daily – and then we certainly prayed for your healing when you stepped back.

    This afternoon I was sure glad while listening to TuneIn Radio App and KYCC San Francisco to hear that your show was getting ready to come on and now know that you are back! Do you have a regular daily show again? Where can I find you – other than 20 The Countdown Magazine. I look forward to hearing you again on a regular basis. BTW – did you do the Taster’s Choice spots years ago? Just curious. :)

  6. Jon was a voice on POWERLINE!!!!! I KNEW I’d heard that voice before! I listened to Powerline as a teenager and loved that program!